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Is certification right for my business?

Recently, there has been an increased focus on businesses providing evidence of compliance to Quality, Safety and Environmental legislation. 

In addition, there is a growing awareness of the risks of data breaches, whether as a result of errors or hacking, and organisations that hold client information will increasingly be expected to show due diligence in information security.

As a result of this shift in focus, business managers are recognising the benefits of implementing these systems. The benefits include enabling their businesses to attract more clients, generating higher revenue, and building better customer confidence. In addition to this, some organisations require businesses to be certified to management standards, in order to win tenders.


What is the Path to Certification Program?

The Path to Certification Program is our core service. It assists businesses with developing and implementing Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems, and guarantees that businesses will be ready to be certified in as little as 8 – 10  weeks. It eliminates the lengthy process of other consultancies, who often estimate 6-9 months. This is done with a proven structured methodology, implemented by our expert consultants. Our consultants have years of industry experience assisting Australian businesses, and offer our clients on-going support after the Path to Certification Program has concluded, to ensure that the management systems remain in place.


How much will it cost?

The average pricing for our Path to Certification Program is between $9000-$15000, which is relative to the size and scope of the business.


Can I do it myself?

To develop a management system may take a knowledgeable internal resource six to twelve months to write and implement a system in a small business. Realistically, it may take longer because of the many distractions and “other pressing matters” that pop up continually. Without dedicated resources, or an experienced professional guiding you through the process, you run the risk of being left with no idea about how to effectively implement a management system or get it certified.  In a matter of months the system will end up on the shelf, followed by one of two options, abandoning the idea of certification, or having to try all over again, at further expense. 


Why should I choose ISOPro Consulting to help me get certified?

By choosing ISOPro Consulting to help your business get certified, you are engaging a dedicated team, who will guide you through the process, help you get certified and offer on-going support to ensure that the management systems remain in place. As well as that, our eight week Path to Certification Program, eliminates the lengthy process of other consultancies, ensuring you get results faster.