ISOPro Consulting
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System Support

System Support


Often organisations just need help getting up to speed on a new Standard or legal requirement or simply catching up; we can help in a number of ways.

Our consultants can work with your staff to develop and implement (Safe) Work Method Statements for high risk tasks and equipment operation.

Safety/Environment Plans
We can assist businesses with developing and implementing Site Specific Safety / Environmental Management Plans on construction projects.

Procedures & Documents
We can assist businesses in workshopping new procedures and then writing up the procedure documentation as well as detail SOPs or Work Instructions.

EPA, WHS and Legal Compliance Reviews
Our consultants can undertake reviews of your business WHS and environmental risks and compliance requirements.

Prepare for SMETA Audits
Many progressive organisations now require local suppliers who source products from overseas to be able to demonstrate Ethical Trade Practices and be able to pass trade ethics assessments such as the SEDEX 2-pillar or 4-pillar Audits (SMETA). We can assist in preparing our clients to prepare for the audits and thereafter maintain the processes and practices required. 

Retirement Village Annual Safety and Security Inspections
Both the Retirement Villages Act 1999 and Regulation 2009 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Regulation 2011 has a requirement that the PCBU ensure work health and safety practices and controls at the workplace. Furthermore, the Retirement Villages Act mandates that operators must ensure the safety and security of the residents. Finally, BSI, together with a group of international stakeholders, have developed the BSI Lifemark Standard for Retirement Villages as a voluntary Standard for benchmarking retirement Villages (along the lines of a hotel “star” system”) that includes mandatory “operational” requirements as well as voluntary “aesthetic” requirements.

We inspect retirement villages against the requirements of:
•    the WHS Act of 2011
•    the registration requirements of the Retirement Villages Act
•    the operational elements (i.e. mandatory items) of the BSI Lifemark Standard

Compliance Management Reporting
We can provide your business with highly qualified and experienced consultants who will review and analyse compliance-related performance and prepare management reports for senior management of Boards on a regular basis. These reports will be tailored to the organisations requirements and suit the compliance maturity in the organisation; they are ideal platforms for improving compliance awareness and getting traction on compliance projects.

Internal Audit Support
Our consultants can conduct thorough, independent Internal Audits on your behalf to ensure that your company is on the right path to implementing and maintaining an efficient management system.